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World of Tennis Condominiums

With their size and amenities, these condos would be impossible today to build for twice their present-day cost. They have become the favorite retreat for Dallas and Houston resort guests for the past 25 years. Our guests and owners are from all over the world, but our major repeat guests on our 2,000 past guest list are mostly from these two cities.


World of Tennis - Description, and Condition

With these condos built-in 1973-1974, we started renovating these condos in 1985 and have continued that program. We have renovated more than 30 condos spending from $10,000 to over $100,000 on the renovation. I am not sure that an owner can spend too much or take one of these condos to too high of a level. Some owners have owned their condo for 20 years & some since they were built.

While these 106 condos were originally built as a resort community & the resort rentals were handled by the Lakeway Inn (which is now Lakeway Resort & Spa), many today are being bought as permanent residents. While we started our Resort program nearly 30 years ago, we have been involved in the sale or purchase of 116 condos.

The renovating of these condos have provided us with some of the most outstanding condos in any resort rental program. The Homeowners Association completed the renovation of the exteriors and landscaping to the same level that we have taken the interiors, spending in excess of $1,900,000 on a major renovation of the exteriors project. The composition roofs have also been replaced with metal roofs.

Our guests love the size of the condos, being mostly in the 2000+ square feet range. The other feature that is great for families and groups is the fact that every bedroom billed has a separate bath. The only plan that does not have a separate bath per bedroom, we do not charge for the additional bedroom.

Each condo is clustered around one or two tennis courts with a patio overlooking the courts, along with an available grill that will be made available upon advance request. The kitchens are fully equipped for on site food preparation. With this in mind, Thanksgiving has become a very popular holiday.

All of the condos require a two night minimum and some of the luxury condos require a three night minimum.
Additional nights on some of the condos reduce to a rate approximately equal to the weekly rate. The 2/2´s additional nights are $200 in lieu of $240, 3/3´s are $150 in lieu of $300, and the 4/4´s are $180-$200 in lieu of $360-$400.

Winter Rates - In the winter months December - January other than Christmas-New Years Holiday, the discount applies after the first night.

Departure Cleaning Fee - The cleaning fee is $80 (2/2), $90 (3/3), & $100 (4/4).

Golf at Lakeway World of Tennis

Lakeway World of Tennis, The Hills and Patio Homes Lakeway World of Tennis, The Hills and Patio Homes

Our largest number of condos are located at the World of Tennis. However, we will include outstanding condos or homes in our program if they are very nice.

World of Tennis Condos

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Plan A (2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths)



Floor Plan A 2/2

Plan B (3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths)



Floor Plan B 3/3

Plan C (3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths or 4 Baths)



Floor Plan C 3-4/3

Plan D (4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths)



Floor Plan D 4/4


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Furnished Monthly Rentals

Over the last 2-3 years, we have had such a demand for 30-90+ day rentals, that this has become a major part of our program. We have found many people that are looking for a home or building a home, & do not want to move their furniture twice.  Most of our condos & homes will run between $3,000 & $4,000 monthly plus electricity. They all have Internet available & included in the price. We require a maid service twice monthly. 

Winter Rates:  In the winter months December - January other than Christmas-New Years Holiday, the discount applies after the first night.

Departure Cleaning Fee - The cleaning fee is $80 (2/2), $90 (3/3-4), & $100 (4/4).

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