World of Tennis Condos Square Feet
Plan A (1 Bedroom, 1 Bath) 750
Plan A (2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths) 1465
Plan B (3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths) 2010
Plan B (4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths) 2100
Plan C (3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths) 2025
Plan C (4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths) 2025
Plan D (4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths) 2200
Plan D (4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths) 2200
(Luxury 4/4´s)  
Patio Homes  
Condo (4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths) 1800




Additional nights on some of the condos reduce to a rate approximately equal to the weekly rate. 

Winter Rates - In the winter months December - January other than Christmas-New Years Holiday, the discount applies after the first night, except for the Luxury Condos which vary with discounts, but some have a discount after the second night.

Departure Cleaning Fee varies based on Plan.

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Plan A - Floor Plan

This two bedroom, two and a half baths is the smallest floor plan at the World of Tennis. However, with 1465 square feet, this is not a small condo. It just has one or two less bedrooms and baths than our other condos. In most resorts, you would find a two-bedroom condo to have 1000 or less footage.